Good news, Mama!

It's POSSIBLE and within reach...

Less debt & more joy, that is!

My family has experienced a financial transformation 

(even while facing real-life hardships and medical expenses galore)

 and – without a doubt... can too!
calm & JOY
in your family’s money situation
as you pay down debt (finally!)

in a simple, stress-free, & balanced way

that allows for more FAMILY FUN along the way!

That’s why you’re here, right Mama?
To love on your family by…

  • knowing you can say YES when your kid asks for that extra snack on the way home from school (without money guilt!) 

  • avoiding the stress of another phone call from a creditor or missed payments from that huge pile of medical bills 

  • allowing yourself to dream again about that mini family vacation (without having to stress over spending too much) 

  • feeling calm, confident, and in control when it comes to all things money! (& conquering your debt along the way!)

Let's face it, Mama...

There's nothing more frustrating than payday coming and feeling like it’s all gone before it arrives in your account.

You're tired of trying to keep up on payments--only to have interest fees add up so you fall further behind.

You're disheartened that you haven't got a grip on things yet (you’re wise enough to know it’s not great to that debt hanging around!)...

You’re torn between trying to "get ahead" and trying to truly ENJOY these years with your kids and your family (as you should!)

The thing is...
What if there was a way to have both?
Lifestyle Balance + Money Progress.
Family fun + Financial Security.

Read on... because we have a joy-fueled, PROVEN SOLUTION designed for you, Big-Hearted Mama!

Before first, it's important you hear this:

You're not alone!

In fact, you’re normal… 

MOST American families struggle with debt.

But the past is in the past & there's no shame in having debt.

>> We want to help you embrace a new perspective for looking forward!

>> We want to help you go from “normal” to THRIVING – how does that sound? 

>> Debt freedom is a whole family game-changer, and I want that for you, Friend. I know you want it too. 

We want you to forge a whole new, breath-of-fresh-air money path that will set you, your kids, and your whole family up for SUCCESS.
Because, sadly...

If you don’t take control AS SOON AS POSSIBLE...

life begins to look less and less like you envisioned…

It's important that you take real, intentional action quickly, OR ELSE…

  • the debt will begin to snowball and become harder and harder to escape

  • the interest builds ups, more debt is added, and hardly anything is chipped away

  • creditors begin calling (or more of them), and any thoughts of treating yourself in tiny ways (or the hope of that family vacation) become distant dreams 

...and soon the debt is controlling your every thought and leaving non-stop stress (that your kids can see written all over your face).

That is, unless you have a plan!

(You can get excited now… because that’s where we come in – family-friendly PLAN ahead!!)

And in case you were wondering…  your plan doesn’t have to be intimidating, scary, or complicated!  

It can be simple, doable, and at your fingertips…

"I truly appreciate your professional perspective and tips. And that everyone is included in the invitation to better their lives. 

Thank you for creating Balanced FI and for just being the amazing human you are."


Mama - Wouldn't it be amazing if you could…

FEEL SECURE about your money (& even pay bills with a smile on your face

Put your bills on AUTOPAY & know there's enough money to cover them 

UNDERSTAND where the heck all your money is going (& feel like you get to point which direction it’s heading!) 

FINALLY take that vacation you’ve wanted with your family – without an ounce of guilt!

...all while paying off your debt without devoting your whole life to that one goal (family fun, here we come!)
It’s totally POSSIBLE, Mama.

The potential for all of that is in reach (right now!!)

As my family and I thought about tackling our own debt journey...

...I found that most debt pay-off systems and financial plans felt harsh and intimidating.

(Maybe you have felt that too).  

My family needed our plan to feel doable, family-friendly, and maintain a sense of fun & joy!

So I took matters into my own hands, created something balanced, simple, and user-friendly and tested it myself.

(Spoiler Alert: IT WORKED.)

And now you can breathe a sigh of relief

(yep, go ahead and pause and do that)...

because it can work for YOU and your family too.

(And the first step to making that happen is simply making the wise decision to say YES!)



Balanced Family Financial Fix

Your step-by-step, family-focused money plan for:

finding calm in the chaos

paying off debt while still living life

and enjoying family fun along the way.

The Balanced Family Financial Fix is a life-changing program that allows you to be in control of your finances so you can live more freely, have more joy, and release the guilt that is controlling your thoughts and life.

The sooner you take action, the quicker you're free!

What You Get

IN-DEPT STEP-BY-STEP TRAINING: 6 digitally-delivered modules with bite-size lessons full of real-world ways to live sensibly, spend with intention (& joy!), and change your money thinking (release guilt & move forward with excitement).

COMPREHENSIVE TRACKER: Our one-of-a-kind Personal Money Tracker spreadsheet will take all the math out of your money planning!  You can track your increasing net worth and decreasing debt for years to come.

REMINDERS: Fun & motivating printables to keep your goals front & center!

To change your financial future, you have to change your habits and mindset today!

The 3 Stages You’ll Take To Change Your Finances:

Discover my unique approach to creating a spending plan.

Then, learn how to craft a debt payoff plan in the
exact right order for you.
Mindset makeover

Find your powerful motivation to keep you going when the going gets tough. 

Learn strategies for changing your habits when it comes to spending, saving, and planning so that a happy, financially healthy future is ahead!

Get serious about debt payoff by cutting expenses (yep, even ones you didn’t realize you had!) to free up more money for debt payments each month.

Find ways to change your money planning to make the whole payoff process a bit easier and cheaper.

Hi There!  If you don’t know me yet, I’m RaLea...

(pronounced Ray-Leah). 

I’m a wife, mom of 2 daughters, and have a Master's degree in accounting. I run a virtual bookkeeping business and also help families like yours with simple, doable financial plans to get out of debt and make little dreams a big reality

Even with a deep understanding of money, saving, and investing – 

I still found myself in debt after my oldest daughter's medical bills piled up before and after her birth. 

We had nothing prepared for those expenses. Taking care of her health issues is still super expensive 7 years later & that won't change. 

It took us a couple of years to really focus and get intentional about our money, but when we did... allowed us to pay off $19,000 of debt in just 9 months.

It can feel like a long & hard journey, Mama, & I get that. 

But I also know the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see success!

I’m excited to support you in the same way and see what’s in store for your family's beautiful future!

Without a doubt… raising kids is AMAZING -- but also hectic -- whether you stay home or work.

Money doesn't need to be your biggest worry though.

The Balanced Family Financial Fix is here to help!
This doable, simple, and proven system includes...

Short lessons that fit into your busy life

Motivation & Mindset Prompts

Easy to Implement Steps

Tools to Find Peace Toward Your 

Let's review what you get...

In-depth step-by-step training: 6 modules with bite-size lessons full of real-world ways to save, spend with intention, and change your money (Value: $397) 

Comprehensive tracker: Our one-of-a-kind Personal Money Tracker spreadsheet takes all the math out of your money planning. You can track your increasing net worth and decreasing debt for years to come. (Value: $47) 

Reminders: Printables to keep your goals front & center, all bundled into a convenient workbook (Value: $17)

That’s a total value of $471 

But don’t worry - you won’t be paying that.

In order for you to begin your life-changing experience today...

 This package is only $97 (for a VERY limited time)!! 

 You can even make your payments in 2 or 3 segments so you don’t have to save-up or wait... we want to see your money-freedom adventure begin right away!

This means your path to freedom is within reach for as little as $99 today.

Isn't it exciting to think about how much you & your family have to GAIN by making this one small investment today?

Mama Bear: 

Without a doubt, you want GOOD things for your family. 

You are CARING, GIVING, and you want your kids to have a JOYFUL childhood or teen years filled with good memories ...

(without this constantly stressed version of you).

This program is a real, tangible ray of hope for powerful, lasting change for you and your entire family.

Starting this journey right NOW is strategically SMART!

This is the BEST WAY to save the most money long-term + give your family an even better future ahead!

"RaLea makes every process easy and doable. She breaks everything down into digestible steps so I feel successful."

Owner, Hillside Nursery

P.S. I’d love you to know, big-hearted Mama…

Your purchase supports other families in need

10% of all course purchases go to a scholarship fund to support financial education for parents of children with complex medical needs (a group very near to my own heart). 

Your purchase makes it possible for another family to enroll in the course too, or receive personalized money coaching while they're dealing with the additional costs of raising a medically complex child.

Have a burning question?  Happy to help!
    You will receive access to each of the 6 modules as they are released + accompanying workbook sheets. Each lesson includes short videos to fit into your busy day.

    This is a digital-only product. The workbook, and some other accompanying texts, with be available to print, but everything is provided digitally. A physical copy is not available at this time.
    In the Balanced Family Financial Fix you'll learn:
    - how to create a spending plan that works for you
    - how to craft a debt payoff plan
    - how to identify your true motivations
    - how to change your money habits
    - how to cut expenses
    - how to change your money overall
    This is not a book, it is a comprehensive system for paying off debt. Please keep in mind that all materials are delivered digitally in video & PDF format. 

    You can't get a physical copy, but you can print out the workbook & have it bound or keep it in a 3-ring binder.
    You'll receive access to the course dashboard immediately; you should receive the access email within a few minutes of registration. As each module is released, you'll have access through the course dashboard & be notified via email.
    This VIP course membership works a little differently. You'll be notified by email as each lesson drops, but there will be a delay of a few weeks.

    You're also asked to complete a feedback form after each lesson, so we can continue to provide the highest quality education to all of our students.
    If you have debt, and you're sick of it, this is the course for you.

    It doesn't matter if you have $500 in debt or $500,000... these strategies will help you pay off everything with intention AND live well in the future.
    If you already follow a budget that is working well for you, this may not be the right fit.

    If you are struggling to stick with your current budget, this may be the course you need to change it all around for you.
    The program + workbook costs $197
    The Balanced Family Financial Fix is covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with the product, simply email to provide proof of your work & request a refund. We want to make sure you've really tried the methods taught before you leave the program.

It's time!  Let's do this!

This is Your Turn To Control Debt...

Instead of it Controlling You!

You can keep going down the same path, with nonstop financial burdens, taking away any opportunity of that family vacation or those intentional splurges. 

 Or you can embrace a new way – a simple, doable, joy-insured plan to get control of your finances while also creating the memories you so deeply desire. 

 The good news is – the opportunity is in your capable hands!

Take the first steps to financial freedom now!
(WITHOUT sacrificing joy or living in an extreme-zone where childhood years slip by without any fun)

Waiting just COSTS you MORE… but you’re ready to see stress relief & exhilarating change NOW, right wise Mama? 

Let's Do This!
For you & your whole family…
Taking action now very well might save you hundreds or thousands of dollars down the road…
And taking action now is a genuine act of love and kindness that shows your family how much you care.
Isn't it exciting to think...

YOU have the opportunity to change your family's future

YOU have the chance to begin dreaming about other goals

YOU have the potential to reduce stress so you can be the kind of Mama you want to be

Your future can include living a joyful, balanced life where you’re in charge of your money, not vice versa.

A life where your family can thrive! 

The potential for all that (& more) is right in front of you. The game-changing possibility is in your hands. 

 I’ve created this transformative process to help – and it’s a trusted, balanced plan that has gotten REAL RESULTS.

Let’s do this!  For you & your whole family…

PSSSST... Congrats, Mama!

I genuinely look forward to hearing how your family’s journey is changed through your wise choice to embark on this experience! Good things are in store… (will you email me & tell me all about it so I can celebrate with you!?)

After completing your cart, check your email for your digital deliverables and get ready for a joy-filled, life changing adventure ahead!

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