Feeling overwhelmed by debt, fellow Mama?
I've got you covered!

Here's your easy-peasy plan to pay off debt
(while not sacrificing family fun along the way!)
Introducing our...

- Simple Steps to Debt Freedom -

Tired of feeling anxious every time you think about money?


Worried about how you're going to make your minimum debt payments this month?

Want to pay down debt while still enjoying adventures and family fun along the way?

This Debt Payoff Planner lays out 3 easy steps for creating a simple, actionable plan to pay off your debt once & for all. 


gain control over your money

find peace in debt freedom

reduce financial stress (& replace it with JOY!) 

Get back to being the calm Mama your kids need and take simple action toward a healthy financial future!

Hey, I'm RaLea.  Mom of 2, wife, and conquerer of debt!

Even after I spent years getting a Master's degree in Accounting, we still found ourselves in debt after my oldest daughter's medical bills piled up.  We weren't ready for the expenses of her special needs, and the debt quickly became overwhelming.

But once we got intentional and embraced the same tools I teach women like you, it allowed us to pay off $19,000 of debt in just 9 months

Your journey won't look the same as mine, and it can feel long and stressful, I know.  But embracing that it's POSSIBLE & taking baby steps (like this program) are your first WINS toward financial freedom (with fun along the way!).

Get the Debt Payoff Plan mini-course today for just $17!

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